Johnny Dodson

From his early teens to the present, John has been involved in just about every engine-driven vehicle. Over the years, John has built, modified, or raced numerous motorcycles, snowmobiles, off-shore boats, street rods, and even a street-legal 8-second Mercedes-Benz! His first love, however, has always been motorcycles.

After having modified several Harley Davidsons, he realized his creative energies could only be truly expressed by designing and building custom bikes. His unique approach to design and his fastidious attention to detail have made his bikes award winners. John decided for his 70th birthday gift to himself that it was time to retire.

John and Connie purchased the business in Sept. 2021 and are looking forward to continuing his legacy.

Gearith our “new” mechanic started his career here with John. He went out on his own for awhile and now we are LUCKY to have him back here with us. He is a custom builder and an amazing MASTER mechanic. We can’t wait to show you what he’s working on. WELCOME BACK GEARITH.

Coming in the spring we will have a new show room to buy and sell bikes. We can’t wait for you to see all the new changes.

Our Mission

Here at Johnny Legend Customs our mission is not only to create the cleanest custom bikes possible, but also to update or upgrade a customers current ride. Customer input prior to the build is a major concern so we can deliver exactly what the customer ordered.

Fit, finish, and attention to detail is what we have built our reputation on. Keeping in the “one at a time concept” nothing gets overlooked. We don’t build 100 bikes a year nor do we have 40 employees or a TV show. What we do have is a committment to build the finest, cleanest quality bike at a reasonable price.

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